1. Why play in the Bridgeport Bocce League?  

ANSWER:  The Bridgeport Bocce League is a great place to meet new people, relax and have fun at the same time all while enjoying the Old Italian game of Bocce. Bocce can be played by almost anyone and can be enjoyed by both friends and family. Bridgeport Bocce is unique because it’s both a competitive league and a recreational league with people of all types of skill in playing bocce from beginners to seasoned players

2. How many players are allowed on a team?

ANSWER:  Each team is made up of a minimum of 5 players; there is no limit on how many players a team has on it. However the optimum number of players on a team is 6 or 8 

3. When does the Bridgeport Bocce League play?

ANSWER: The Bridgeport Bocce league plays 15 weeks (not counting playoffs) during the summer season usually starting in mid to late April when the weather starts warming up. Each team will play once a week on the night they signed up to play on (depending on availability) No games are scheduled during the week of 4th of July. The fall league runs a short 7 weeks starting in late August and runs into early October and finishes before the cold weather arrives.

4. I have a group of friends who want to play. How can we make sure we’re on the same team?

ANSWER:  If there is an opening on a night that you can play just complete the New Team Form with your team name and list of players and submit it to the league 

5. What if I don’t know anyone in the Bocce league? Can I still play?

ANSWER:  Yes. This is a great way to meet new people. And if you don’t have a full team we can try to place you on a team who might need additional players

6. Is there a cost to play in the league?

ANSWER: Yes the fee for Summer League is $45.00 per person and Fall League is $25.00 Per Person. 

7. Are there rules in playing Bocce?

ANSWER: Yes there is a set of rules on the website showing the rules of the game.

8. How do rain outs and game cancellations work? 

ANSWER:  First and foremost the only time a game can be cancelled is by weather. Each team is expected to play on the night they are scheduled. Players are expected to play in some inclement weather or if a team has a unusual circumstance that affects the whole team the BOD must approval it first on a case by case basis. However if the weather is especially bad both captains must agree if the games are playable. If no agreement is made the league will decide.  BBL will make every effort via social media to each captain affected to cancel matches in advance. Rainouts will not be made up/

9. Will we notify of weather updates on our Facebook page?
ANSWER: Yes BBL will make every effort to post weather cancellations.  As everyone knows it could be raining in one location and not in another. If in doubt call your captain.

10. Do we have to rake (drag) the courts after every game?

ANSWER: No. But if one team does want to rake then it can be raked 

11. Why do we have to start playing right at 6:30?

ANSWER:  For a couple of reasons. Since some matches can go three games and take up to   two hours or more to complete and thus the late matches (8:00PM) would start much later and could also run a few hours pushing the time to finish way past 10PM.  Nobody wants to be playing at that late hour and finally the Borough of Bridgeport requested we finish up on or about 10PM

12. How do I measure the distance between the Ball and the Pallina?

ANSWER: The correct way to take a measurement is first place the tape at the bottom of the bocce ball (the point where the bocce ball touches the ground) and then to the nearest edge of the pallina (the outer edge of the pallina) not to the middle of the pallina.